About Influential Breathwork

Welcome to Influential Breathwork™️, a transformative hub where the power of breath meets the art of coaching. Our mission is to guide individuals on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and professional mastery through the profound practice of breathwork. Whether you're an aspiring coach, seasoned professional, or simply seeking to enhance your well-being, our comprehensive programs offer a holistic approach to harnessing the potential of breath.

Our Philosophy

At Influential Breathwork, we believe that the breath is a gateway to transformation – a bridge connecting the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of our being. Through intentional breathwork, we can tap into our inner wisdom, release blockages, and catalyze positive change.

Our Academy is built upon the foundational principles of respect, integrity, and empowerment, ensuring that every participant embarks on a journey that's both nurturing and enlightening.

Meet the Founder:

Anna Parker-Naples

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Anna Parker-Naples, the founder of Influential Breathwork, is a passionate advocate for the power of breath to facilitate profound shifts.

With a rich background in entrepreneurship and personal development, Anna's journey took a transformative turn when she discovered the incredible potential of breathwork.

Anna's commitment to excellence and continuous growth has led her to study under renowned breathwork masters, neuroscientists, and spiritual & entrepreneurial leaders.

Her dedication to integrating breathwork with coaching practices has culminated in the creation of Influential Breathwork™️ Academy – a space where individuals can not only enhance their coaching skills but also embrace personal growth on a deep level.

She is author of two bestselling books, host of leading global podcast 'Positively Influential' and multi- award winning coach (NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Reiki, ThetaHealing & Time Line Therapy...and Breathwork Coach!)

As a thought leader in the field of personal development, Anna's varied expertise shines through in the carefully crafted curriculum and transformational experiences offered at Influential Breathwork™️.

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Personal Development Quest

We aren’t just your guides; we’re your collaborators on this expedition.

Together, we’'ll dive deep into the science, techniques, and age-old wisdom of breathwork.

Whether you're an aspiring coach, a seasoned professional, or an individual seeking personal growth, we’re  here to kindle your potential, amplify your influence,

and guide you towards a life imbued with purpose and impact.

The time has arrived to inhale the boundless possibilities and exhale transformation.

Welcome to the embrace of the Influential Breathwork family!

Ready to change your life - one breath at a time?

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